Dan Lorenzo – near fatal plane crash, ghosts with Jonny Z

Dan Lorenzo is always sending us great clips. Whether that’s videos of his current or former bands, documentaries, or great interviews that he’s a part of. Possibly the best looking guy on Megaforce Records as per Jonny Z sent us the following:

Last night I spoke with Jonny Z. from Megaforce Records for the first time since 1983. About a week ago, Ross The Boss (Manowar) sent out an email. Jonny was going on The Brothers Grimm Radio Show on Cranium Radio. I was on the list of musicians scheduled to call in. Lips from Anvil, John Gallagher from Raven, Blitz from Overkill….why me? My only association with Megaforce was an appearance on their first compilation album Born To Metalize with the first Hades line-up.

I took the first flight of my life with Jonny to Music America Recording Studio in Rochester, NY. Nothing eventful happened except the plane almost crashed and the studio was haunted. Seriously. Lars Ulrich refused to record the drums to Kill ‘Em All alone in the drum room as his cymbals were spinning for no reason. Being as we had no money for a hotel Jonny, my bass player Lou and I slept on the floor in the room with the console. We were told specifically “Do not open the door for any reason”. Around 4AM we found out why. Here is my conversation from last night with Jon about the ghosts and a near fatal crash on our flight together.

Check out The Brothers Grimm interview with Dan Lorenzo here:

Dan Lorenzo also sent us a clip of Hades performing the Black Sabbath classic “Voodoo” from the 2010 edition of the Bang Your Head Festival. The song was done to honor the legendary Ronnie James Dio.

Check out Dan Lorenzo and Hades performing “Voodoo” here:

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

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