Blue Oyster Cult has not released a new studio album in almost 20 years. That will all change on October 9th, when they release The Symbol Remains. The album is being labeled as one of the band’s most spirited, diverse, and inspired releases to date. They have released two song in advance of the album’s release, “That Was Me” and “Box In My Head”.

You can check out the first of two new Blue Oyster Cult tracks “That Was Me” here:

You can check out the other new Blue Oyster Cult track “Box In My Head” here:

Here’s some information that was sent to us about The Symbol Remains by Blue Oyster Cult:

As the old saying goes, “good things come to those who wait” and the 14 songs showcased on “The Symbol Remains” embody that. The BÖC faithful will be delighted given that the band has delivered an extremely inspired album. Ultimately, this sounds like a band looking back at their storied catalog and giving the fans a bit of everything they’ve ever loved about BÖC, while simultaneously continuing to evolve.

Blue Öyster Cult started sessions for the new album in earnest in 2019, bringing songs to the table that had previously been in the works as well as working on new ones. The goal was to craft an album that gives an appropriate portrait of where the band is in the here and now.

“With the song demos emerging for this record, we realized there was as much if not more variety in style and content on this record as any in our history,” tells Eric Bloom “We embraced this and the thing tying all the disparate elements together is the band’s sound and performance.”

“The goal was for the new music to stand up to the quality and vitality of our legacy recordings, and I believe we have successfully done that,” adds Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser. “Other than that, the sound of our voices and style of our writing and playing can’t help but sound familiar to fans of our work.”

“The album title, “The Symbol Remains” comes from a quote of an old Sandy Pearlman lyric, which basically we are using to show that the band is back and still rocking after all these years. To me, it means we’re still here and doing what we do…” explains Eric Bloom.

As fans well know, Bloom and Roeser are the two steadfast members remaining from the “classic” lineup of the band, but Jules Radino, Danny Miranda, and Richie Castellano are all long time members. Their constant touring has truly caused them to gel as a unit and you can hear it in the performances on “The Symbol Remains”. Jules, Danny, and Richie here have left their mark on the 50+ years of Blue Öyster Cult history.

“We wanted to record the current band’s lineup for some time and the result of Jules, Danny, Richie, Eric and myself giving our all on “The Symbol Remains” speaks for itself,” says Buck Dharma.

While the current world situation caused some distress, the band is still very happy with the final result. “The Covid-19 lockdown slowed the completion of the record. We were prevented from traveling and collaborating in person. But luckily we had already done the basic tracks. We resorted to video conferencing and producing each other over the internet. Fortunately, the technology exists at this moment in time to do that. The live performance cancellations gave us a little more time to carefully consider the finishing touches. We also sent the album out to be mixed by Tom Lord-Alge and we worked together over the internet on that as well,” adds Buck Dharma.

Formed on Long Island at the end of the ’60s, Blue Öyster Cult are best known for their massive singles “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper,” “Burnin’ for You,” and “Godzilla.” Riff-heavy and head-banging while intelligently hook-laden, the band remains a constant touring presence and as relevant as ever. Pioneering the heavy metal style while providing inspiration to psychedelic jam bands and arena rockers alike, genre-benders Blue Öyster Cult is a widely respected classic rock band with a storied catalog., The band has been covered by everyone from Metallica and HIM to moe, which showcases the wide ranging influence of their music.

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

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4 thoughts on “News: Blue Oyster Cult To Release A New Album

  1. 2 cool tunes. Smart of them to release one Eric song and one Buck song. Listen at this stage of the game, these guys don’t need to do anything but tour on their back catalog, if they choose to, so the fact that they were inspired to write and record a new album should be celebrated. They didn’t do it for the money as there is no money in new music from classic rock bands.

    These guys still rip on the live stage. I saw them last fall with UFO an it was a fantastic show. I’ll buy this record to put along side all of their other ones in my collection. People can complain about Frontiers records putting out anything and everything, but if it wasn’t for them, many of these bands wouldn’t get a deal anywhere, so kudos to them for giving BOC a deal.

    1. Yes they blew me away with UFO last yr, last time I had seen them was 1980 with Sabbath. Black and blue tour. This new album so far sounds like the Fire of unoriginal period. Very underrated album. Dancing on Stilts there last album was very good. Unfortunately it won’t sell shit, but I’m sure they aren’t to worried.

  2. Haven’t listened to the new songs yet, but… halleluiah, long live B.O.C. I absolutely love this underrated band, along with just about everything they’ve ever recorded, so I’m sure I’ll love this full album of new tunes also. I am so looking forward to this… very exciting! And, if you’ve never seen this band live, treat yourself to one of their shows when touring picks up again… you will not be disappointed. B.O.C. RULES!!

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