To help promote S&M2, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich spoke to Gary Ryan of NME. It is a fun read, as it’s Gary asking Lars Metallica based questions to see which of them he can answer correctly. Along the way a bunch of interesting topics come up, like wanting to work on more material with Lou Reed. His admiration for Miley Cyrus, and helping Oasis out on a club date.

Gary at one point mentions the following:

Traditionally, Metallica have paid tribute to an artist local to the city you’re playing in – with covers of everything from The Stone Roses to Prince. Any chance we might see any of them crop up on another ‘Garage Inc’ cover compilation album [the original was released in 1998]?

To which Lars responds:

Metallica started out as a covers band and we will always love and appreciate other people’s music – it’s what inspires us every day. We always talk about that option – and I have a long-running list in my phone of possible covers. Right now, I can’t say: ‘Yes, we’re going into the studio in 12 days to record a covers album’, because there’s nothing set in stone, but I would always say there’s the opportunity to have that happen.

Metallica has recorded and performed a ton of covers over the years. They have almost always stayed clear from the obvious cover, and gone after deeper tracks making them their own. One of their most celebrated release is a covers EP called The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited. It recently celebrated its 33rd anniversary, as it came out on August 21st 1987.

It was the first piece of material to feature new bassist Jason Newsted. You can argue that more than one fan thought tracks like “The Wait” or “Last Caress” were actually theirs. Until later finding out that it was a covers EP. Conversely, it probably also helped shine a light on bands like Killing Joke, Misfits, Budgie and every other band they covered on that EP.

The reason why that worked, and most of their covers do it because they aren’t covering “Don’t Fear The Reaper” instead they’re covering “Astronomy”. Or their Sabbath covers aren’t a melody of “Iron Man” and “Paranoid”, it’s “Sabbra Cadabra” and “A National Acrobat”. Sure die-hards know those songs, but the general public that was buying Garage Inc. for “Tuesday’s Gone” or “Turn The Page” didn’t.

Check out Metallica’s cover of the Killing Joke classic “The Wait” here:

To check out the entire NME interview go here.

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

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