Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci is known as being one of the most important guitarists of his generation. He and his band Dream Theater helped create the blue print most prog metal bands have been using for the last three decades.

For a lot of die hard fans, the release of a new Petrucci solo album is on par with the release of Chinese Democracy or Fear Inoculum. Sure he’s released plenty of material with Dream Theater since 2005’s Suspended Animation. But his solo album are extra special to guitar nerds that follow his ever whim as they’ve been few and far between. Also, his solo work isn’t limited to the confines of the Dream Theater machine. He isn’t just one of the cogs, he’s the whole bloody show.

The album sees the return of Dave LaRue on bass. He had previously played on John’s solo albums, as well as accompanied him on varios G3 tours. But the bigger deal for a lot of fans is the reunion with Mike Portnoy. We had all seen the holiday photos with both of them. At the time people started going nuts over the prospect of them working together again. At the time everything was just played down. But now we know that there was more than a bunch of old friend just hooking up for some frosty beverages.

This is what Petrucci had to say about Dave LaRue coming back into the fold:

It was awesome bringing Dave back to play bass on this album. He is just such a monster player who can handle anything you throw at him with tastefulness and unmatched musicality. His melodic approach to bass lines along with impeccable technique and groove for days really stands out on these tunes.

He followed up by saying this about re-teaming with Portnoy:

Having Mike play drums on this record was really special for me and he did an absolutely incredible job navigating the various styles and technical challenges my music presented in the way that only he can do. It was very cathartic for the both of us, I think, to be playing music together again after all these years and it really felt great! Mike’s spirited, intuitive and energetic playing truly helped to elevate these new songs to a level that I couldn’t be happier with.

Check out John Petrucci’s video for the title track of Terminal Velocity:

Petrucci had the following to say about the track and video:

Terminal Velocity was actually the first new song that I wrote for the album when I entered the studio in March of this year. It stemmed from one of the many ideas and seeds that I had collected over the past several years. I literally began with the opening motif and built the rest of song from there. I think it’s a great lead-off single and nicely represents a few of the different stylistic sides of this record that I wanted to explore as a guitar player; The melodic/thematic side, the riffing side, and the shred side.

Mike and Dave both did an amazing job bringing this song to life as well, with all of the energy that they injected when recording their performances.

The video was created by Wayne Joyner who made all of the promotional videos for Dream Theater’s Distance Over Time album as well as all of the 2019/2020 DT live tour visuals including all of the updated Scenes From A Memory video content. The tracking footage of me, Dave and Mike in the studio has a play-through sort of vibe while Wayne did his magic adding amazing 3-D graphics and special visual effects to help tell a story. I think the end result is a really unique and engaging video that captures the song’s energy and definitely does the first single justice. Really excited for people to see and hear this!

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

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