On a recent episode of SYFY WIRE’s Metal Crush, which is hosted by Whitney Moore and produced by me, Wendy Dio compares the Ozzy Osbourne era of Black Sabbath to the Dio era of the band.  Wendy says “I think it was two different Sabbaths and both are wonderful, both of them are fantastic.  The Ozzy one, he was one of the best frontmen that you could have in its day, an unbelievable frontman. The songs, everything they did with Paranoid, and stuff was amazing.  When Ronnie came into the band it became more melodic in a totally different way. It gave the band a little bit more to expand on their music.  You can’t say one was better than the other.  You have to have the whole picture.  There is a lot of stuff in the press about it but Ozzy and Ronnie were always friends.”

Listen to the entire interview using the player above.

Black Sabbath Heaven & Hell

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